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Only the official club photographer is alowed to take pictures, with the consent of the person(s) in the picture.

All guys in the pictures are over 18 years old.

Here are a few "tame" pics from our meetings. Cum to one of our Sunday parties to see all the action!

These are the pics taken during 2011 - Click the pic to open the full size version

Week of NOV 27 - Just found these pics from thanksgiving weekend. Lots of guys and action. Bryan starts out with this some a dom scene getting this hot bodied stud tied down, then legs up, putting clothespins on, and working dildos into his ass till he shot; a hogtie on the stage, the bottom stuggles but Bryan gets him subdued and off; table bondage and wax; Biff ties down a couple of guys who are used in the back - no pics here, but holes were filled; simple but erotic action on a green mat; Biff and Bryan get this twink in positions and use him and breath control with a gas mask; hot twinks get into action on the bondage table; Lots more stuff, with over 100 guys. Don't miss our AFTER PARTY Sunday March 25 for even more action!

Week of Dec 18 - Our holiday party and last party of 2011. We get into the spirit of the holidays with a few "boy decorating" scenes. Bryan gets YFT wrapped in green shrink wrap and then starts with the ornaments. Many hands were in this scene as "Deck the balls..." could be heard in th background; Next to the candy cane scene. D gets wrapped and striped to look pretty, then gets carried to the bondage table, his cock and ass exposed, gets his present and drops a load under the table; this cute smooth twink got a lot of attention as a blindfold is placed over his eyes, and clothespins are clamped to his nips, hot wax drippend onto his cock, and kept on edge till he couldn't stand it any more and finally exploded into the air; Biff places a mask onto this stud and gets him tied to the standing table till...; Bryan inverts the bench; J in the back on the bondage table with his victim; Biff uses his boy for torment and pleasure; first time newbie gets stroked with a holiday sock in a gentle rub, and then gets off as he continued to be stroked and worked. Lots of stuff in the dark back room as we closed out 2011.

Week of Dec 11 - Biff places a mask on YFT (aka Cody Allen on, strings him up and slaps him around a bit; Biff gets his boy on the rolling bondage table, and with the help of YFT upends him and they use him to their delight, forcing their cocks deep down his throat and a few things up his ass; RLNJ puts his boy through some agonizing pleasure as he muzzles him, flogs him, puts clamps on his nipples, and more; J puts D into his sleepsack and works the cum out of him; a blindfold and gag got this guy ready for torture from multiple tops; a simple hogtie in the back; a cute twink gets tied to the table and electro rings are put on his cock. He gets edged and then all hell breaks loose, as cock after cock finds relief, it just got too hot to show much of the continuing action, lots of insertions everywhere!; a friend wanders in late after a night out at G and we make sure he has a good time. This was a group grope night with lots of appendages being forced into waiting openings with pleasure. Our masseur relieved several guys, both their aching muscles above and below the hips. The dark room was crowded, and the sounds of spanking could be heard above the moans. A great night. Hope you were there to EXPERIENCE IT!

Week of Dec 4 - This week we had some great scenes. Bryan hogties and then suspends a guy while working him over; RLNJ gets secured to the frame and shoots a load with weight hanging from his balls; TTB and Bryan get ExcAbs down on the stage, shave him, whack him, and drop hot wax all over him letting him know where he is playing; A twink and a stud get tied together by their balls, one gagged with tape, the other hooded, and get edged till they shot their cum all over each other; TTB gets a big dick visitor roped to the bondage table, then starts with the clothespins - his chest, his cock- use electricity to excite, and then multiple hands use some candles as well as their palms to get him over the top; A complete body shave starts at the crotch and works up to the neck, he loses his hair and then loses his cum, and then later gets his head clipped while several guys hold him; Biff gets his boy tied down on the rolling bondage table, then reverses the position with a cute EU twink. Lots more went on, some didnt want pics, others just were too busy to get any, Massages on the massage table upstairs, and lots of aciton in the dark corners in the back room.

Week of Nov 20 - TFT(aka Cody Allen on starts off grabbing G and suspending him then forces his huge cock into his mouth, clamps his tits,edges him till...; and then G reverses roles and gets TFT in a harness, flogs him, punches him and ....; TTB and G next get this hot twink inverted on the stage while they start shaving his armpits smooth, then to the pubes. Next come the clothespins as they are placed up his smooth cock and chest. Hot wax from the candle marks him, and then the twink is edged till he shoots all over himself; this cutie gets hogtied and struggles to get loose, all for naught, but he does lose his load as he gets stroked through the hole in the bondage table; some cage fun; TTB and some friends get this asian boy smooth and then hot wax, clothepins, and the electro cock ring on him till he cums on his smooth crotch. Another fun night at NYBC!

Week of Nov 13 - Bryan gets a Euro visitor strung up on stage and with the help of a friend edges him using breath control and attaching some clothespins till this shaved twink shoots all over the stage; Biff goes upstairs to the frame bench and gets his boi on his back, legs up, and stuffs his throat while securing a dildo into his ass with rope; More action on the stage with the bench; The bondage table gets used as this buff twink gets wax dripped over him while experiencing breath control till he.....; Master Des, Master Ron, and Master Bill work over a few guys, using the cage, the cross in the back, and the table; A hard bodied gut punch scene by TTB; an electricity scene with electro cockrings; chair bondage. A variety of scenes and some back room action made the night.

Week of Nov 6 - TTB gags then secures to the bench, clothepins on the nipples, stomps and punches his gut till he explodes; A suspension; Lots of hands in this scene as this boy gets worked over and endures hot wax till...; Biff and boy start a scene upstairs and it grows with many hands and cocks getting serviced and spitting out their loads(only a few pics of the beginning); a hot asian boi on the table and getting edged; TTB gets this visiting Euro stud laid out on the bondage table, then edges with some help from another hottie till...; Master Bill inserts a dildo and then flogs this guy, then turns him over and he gets a complete shave from his neck down to his cock and balls. And a mystery boi in the back room turns the darker space into an orgy, involving a few regulars as well as some newbies..lots of action, no pics but many left happy.

Week of October 30 - Byran, with the help of a few friends got this cute twink into the spirit of Halloween with a mummification scene, first wrapping him in clear and then binding him with a roll of tp. The bound boy got gagged with duct tape and then B and TTB worked a load out of him. The scene continued as B carried him over his shoulder to the bondage table, dumping him face down with his bound cock poking through the hole. A few helping hands edged him till he again exploded for his second happy ending; Only 1 pic of Master Ron and his play sub here; There were tough and tender moments as T & T with the help of Bryan played on the stage. Breath control and ice and some stroking got the boy to shoot high into the air; There was once again lots of action in the backroom and in the dark corners.

Week of October 23- After getting tied to the bench by TTB, this guy had a few hands working him over, some kisssing, oral, breath control till....; Master Ron puts his captive in the cage; It was our OctoberFist party so a few pics of some fist action; Bryan gets this stud to stretch out and after a few clothespins on his tits he shoots; Biff caused quite a scene upstairs as he got his boi secured to a bench and then YFT comes over with his huge cock and shoves it down his throat. We had several guys helping get his boi off, and he came as YFT shot down his throat gagging him till the cum was dribbling out the corner of his mouth; Then YFT was hooded and switched to bottom as hefty tool gets wrapped in rope and his sack gets stretched till his balls are low and tight. A few hands helping, YFT shoots over the guys that are worshipping his tits, up past his own mouth, a few strands landing on the hood. Much action in the back and a few scenes where the guys didnt want pics. Fun for most this night!

Week of October 16 - Bryan gets J secured to the chair, and uses breath control, with the help of TTB to get J to shoot big; Biff gets boi on the bondage table and clamps his tits till he ....; flat on their backs, these guys are having a great time; Bryan gets this twink suspended and swinging; boots hanging from his balls then secured to the table; Biff puts a gag and mask on this buff guy and works him over with clamps and a dild0 till..... Massage upstairs and frisky action in the back made this week a fun evening.

Week of October 9 - Our Columbus Weekend party was well attended. Lots of guys, many visitors joining our regulars. Biff gets YFT suspended on our rolling table and wraps his huge cock and balls in rope till....Bryan stretches out this tattooed stud with some help from his friend...TTB gets excited as he uses a single-tail whip and cracks it on this visitor in an intense pain scene...Hogtied on the bar stools and then his PA pierced cock gets stroked till... Master Ron hangs his boots from his boys balls...YFT plays top this time and forces a dildo up his friends ass, joined by Bryan, as they work over the twink... Mummification and clamps in a tt and cbt scene... Multiple hands for the boi on our bondage table force him to shoot high into the air (check the large size pic to see his cock shooting off) ...Breath control with a gas mask and this group gets their captive writhing and .... Cage fun. There was a great sling scene where YFT slid his cock into a slender hot boi with guys all around the sling jacking off to the scene... There was action in the dark corners, and the massage table had frisky multi handed happy endings... Over 80 guys having hot times and these were only a few of the scenes.

Week of October 2 - Lots of scenes this week. Bryan gets YFT up on the stage and stretches him out. then the clamps come out and get attached all over his body till he shoots a huge wad up into the air and then off they come; A new twink gets worked over on our bondage table with his friend and T edging him till..; Biff and his boi in the back on the rolling bondage table, with more clamps and breath control; a hogtie forces the cum of out R through the bottom hole in the table; nice ass gets secured; an erotic hogtie on the bar stools; ass waiting, weights hanging, these guys played all night; feet tied; A hot brute gets suspended from the frame by TTB, gets worked over while electro stimulates his cock till....; a hot reversal on the table. More activity in the back as well.

Week of September 25 - A hot stud getting gagged, then secured to the cross chair, experiencing electro cock stimulation; suspension on the rolling bondage table by Biff; multiple hands and mouths while edging till.....

Week of August 21 - ExcellentAbs gets put into a suspension scene, legs tied in a sitting position while he gets edged and cums a couple of times; a hot twink on the bar stools, his lean hard body and hard cock erupting; D gets tied to the bondage box and gets upended; cage fun; a duo plays in the back with huge dildoes and fists; a newbie comes with a friend and finds himself on the bondage table till he shoots a huge load; R on the stage and more cage fun. An action packed week!

Week of August 14 - After a slow start because of the rain, we ended up with over 75 guys getting into all kinds of scenes. ExcellentAbs starts at the pole, then gets tied to one of our benches. He gets slapped, electro with the violet wand, hot wax dripped over him. Finally the bench goes upright, as he goes upside down, getting stroked till he...... A dominant/submissive scene on the stage; a first time visitor roped and clothespins across his chest; hogtied and helpless. Biff gets D secured to our table and works him over with the violet wand; hogties his boi... More play on the table and we end with a spead eagled and had to be there to see what torments he suffered. More action in the back room and sling, but didn't get any pics. Stop down Sunday nights and Experience the Action.

Week of August 7 - Check back next week for pics from this week - They are really hot!

Week of July 31 - Bryan was away so Jesse (Y4T), the 18 yr old twink switch was busy, first with Biff, then helping TTB, then ....; a UK and SA visitor having some fun while restrained; and here are a few pics of a bondage virgin at our club for the first time; much more going on upstairs on the massage table and in the back room (cant show those pics, too many guys were around). Hope you were there to Experience IT.

Week of July 24 - Bryan, Y4T, and TTB get this hot stud up on stage tied to a chair and edge him till he shoots. Y4T then gets hogtied and suspended in the air, a vacuum cleaner attached to his cock, gets works over while swinging in the air. Bench fun, shaving scene, and table fum are just a few other scenes of the night.

Week of July 17 - We start the night with some simple chair bondage, with Bryan securing Y4T and using a dildo to diddle. Bryan in action forcing J over a bench while working his ass till he explodes on the stage floor. A hogtie on the bondage table. Biff and Y4T upstairs in a long agonizing scene using the electrodildo, shoving it in and out, causing screams of pleasure... or was it pain... that could be heard throughout the club. A few other scenes of the night. And don't forget that we have a great massage guy. The massages are free, and can be legit like I show here or can be wild with multiple hands, mouths, and other things getting you off. Another night of fun

Week of July 10- We start with Bryan making a webbed sling and placing RLNJ in it for a long edging scene till he .... Next Biff shows off his new toy, an electostim, and puts it in YT4T's pisshole, turning him on as he gets off...the table gets turned as Lb now gets on the bondage table as the action gets hot (we can't show the ending)... the Bondage Chair gets much play as long things go in and out, and a hot bottom gets into the action as well... Lots more action this week... we had a cute twink getting spanked and then paraded around the club by a chain attached to his collar. An explosive scene on the massage table. Guys going at it in the back. Breath control, cum control, boi control. Lots of hot summer fun. Cum this Sunday to Experience IT!

Week of July 3 - The fireworks started with Bryan playing tug of war with b's cock and balls, and then tormented him more. TTB secures this visitor to the table, uses hot wax, clothepins, and then multiple hands got him off. Biff was busy with a couple of scenes in the back. Cage fun and then the moans (not sure whether they were moans of pleasure or pain) were heard throughout the club as the Sling got used while things were going in an out....

Week of June 26- A great Pride parade, lots to celebrate. Then we had our party. Again over 100 guys, lots of new faces as well as our regulars having a great time. Bryan spun a special web on the stage and then the action started. Hot guys, multiple hands, multiple orgasms. The violet wand got some play, as well as the ball crusher. We had a hot rugged man who got tied up for the first time, and a twink using the bondage tables. More action in the back rooms, but I didnt take any pics there. Come experience IT yourself on Sunday nights!

Week of June 19 - Folsom Street East was a great success, lots of guys enjoying the street fair, and we did a scene or two as well. Then onto our AFTER PARTY. Our largest party ever, and lots of scenes. Didnt get a lot of pics because too busy. Here are a few. Stretched out on our bondage table, T4Y gets his nips clamped and worked over. Three bottoms and Three Tops in an all out hot scene. Lot of other bondage scenes and action in the back room. Over 175 guys having a great time. We even opened a new bondage room. What a night!

Week of June 12 - The night was a little slower than our parties the last month and maybe the guys were just waiting for our Folsom Street East After Party on June 19. But there was action, especially in the back room. Here we start with Bryan putting up a rope web, and then TTB doing an upside down suspension scene. This guy shot loads of cum and it hung from his cock, not sure if you can see it in the pics. Bryan had help with his spread web scene as they edged J till his large dick shot. Biff had the twink of the night. He started with a gas mask and then switched to ball gag and blindfold. Lots of interaction between them as the scene continued, edging till the UK stud's large thick cock finally came all over Biff's hand. Don't miss this coming Sunday's FSE After party. Last year we got over 120 guys, and we should get as many this year, as the guys come over to the party after the Street Fest. Start at Folsom Street East and then come to Paddles and play.

Weeks of May 29 & June 5 - These last 2 weeks were definitely happening. So many hot guys, so many hot scenes. We start the pics with this upstate NY stud twink (young4twink on Recon). Bryan starts by hogtieing him, working him over with his hands and a dildo, and then switching positions, gets him on the bench and starts breath control. The stud rips out of his bonds while he helps get himself off. A huuggee finale (i cant show his 2 fister but it was one of our biggest ever) that was full of energy and cum. We follow with an array of pics, from G getting his twink tied up and then he brings in another hot guy for a duo hugging scene. T uses a gas mask and breath contol till his victim could stand it no more, shooting off while gasping for breath. Cage fun, the bondage table, and a paddling. Submission on stage, some tickling, and electricty. D gets hauled upsided down while being worked over, and we end the pics with a hot stud getting his great nip worked over. We have been getting many more guys lately, with lots of play. Get tied up, get a massage, or just get off in the dark corners. Come Experience IT for yourself this Sunday!

Week of May 22 - Our night started a little slow, but ended fast and furious. Not too many pics this week because the action was upstairs and in the back and I was a bit occupied and didnt want to interrupt the action. Again over 80 guys having fun and more in a safe sane and sexy manner. The pics here show Bryan in an erotic worship scene, getting this hansome boi on his knees, then tied to a chair, then the bench. There was breath control, some oral action, and finally with the help of another hand, the boi explodes onto his flat chisseled belly. The night continued with some really hot action but no more pics. TTB uses the bondage table to hogtie a visitor; Biff uses the hallway to string up D; and J brings out his new sleepsack from Mr S; Upstairs our massage guy was busy with guys hopping up on his table in a group massage that included more than hands. A daisy chain that included 6 guys and was soooo hot and sweaty, and that wasnt the only fluid involved. Experience IT for yourself at our Memorial Day Weekend Event on Sunday!

Week of May 15 - What a great night! Over 80 guys, mixing it up. Bryan, TTB, and a newbie top got ExcellentAbs wrapped up, well except for one large part, suspended from ropes, and then edged until he shot twice; Biff gets this hottie in a mask and then works him over; Master Ron makes this sub take his boot off and then hangs them from his balls and works his ass with a strap; TTB hears that this stud wants to be hit so he ties him to the pole beside the stage and punches him, then takes him to the stage and tramples him, works him over with electricity using cock rings, and then Bryan comes over with his clothepins, dildo, and jelly cock tube and squeezes out a huge load as it drips down his hand to the bench the stud is tied to; two guys get put into the cage and worked over, then take it to the table to get off; a simple but effective hogtie in the back and upstairs; more strapping fun and some shaving; Biff and his boi go at it on the bondage table with some breath control as he works the twink's larger cock to explosion. We had some guys visiting us that saw us reviewed on a group site, and they had lots of fun in the back, no pics but i'm sure we will continue to get off in those dark corners. And our Massage guy gave some awesome free massages, both legit and it couldnt be helped that the group action migrated to his table as this guy with a huge cock turned over, and it was standing at attention, just waiting for some action...well the crowd didnt disappoint. That's it for now...See you Sunday night!

Week of May 8 - We start out with a simple flogging with RLNJ and his friend, they had more fun later; Master Ron with his visiting sub from the south; Bryan and TTB work over this bodybuilder, getting him in a tight hogtie with lots of clothespins that leave their mark; this visiting UK twink gets secured to the table, his thick uncut cock exploding after some dildo play, clothespins, and breath control - he'll be visiting all summer; cage fun with these 2 Asian boys created lots of action with many hands helping get them off; and Biff and his boi get into a mummification scene with shrink wrap till they both get off. Another fun night at NYBC.

Week of May 1 - Biff, in another great scene, uses the rolling bondage table with his boi, and then again with a European twink; D brings a friend to the club who uses duct tape and wrap to mummify him; Cage fun; TTB torments on the bondage table

Week of April 24 - Bryan started the night off telling C to strip and lay on the bench, then tied up his monstrous cock, edging him till he splattered his belly with cum; D gets strung up to the beam and a few friendly hands stroke him while he hangs in the air; TTB uses the bondage table to bind this UK visitor, clipping his nipples, using breath control to bring him off; Biff and boy playing by the cage, strung up witha hook in his ass, gets slapped and cums; candle fun, the upright table, and mummification; C goes at it again, ending the night in the back on the rolling bondage table, a dildo up his ass, and a pair of hands on his cock, edging till the happy ending. Guys, spring is starting and the action gets hotter and hotter at our club. We have lots of equipment, a free massage guy (frisky or just a massage), lots of intimate corners, and more. Cum play on Sundays!

Week of April 17 - RLNJ hogtied on the bar stools; wrestling on the stage; Hung upside down and then used on the bench; Biff stretchs this twink's balls and ties them to the table; a beautiful smooth skinned boi

Week of April 10 - A newbie gets strung up on stage late after watching the action all night to experience it for himself; Friends getting it on with a little help from Biff; Boi on his knees asking for a scene and then mummified in tape as the 3 guys get off; Bryan with RLNJ; a sub in leather restraints; Nipple vac tubes in action; an Amsterdam visitor and some candle fun

Week of April 3 - Another good night. Bryan started with LRNJ, tying him to a chair, wrapping his head in tape and placing a gas mask on him, using breath control till he shot; Biff in the back with a hot hairy chested boy; a group scene that had many hands in action, first hogtied, some foot action, then on his back, with his more than 2 fists length thick cock getting stroked and edged, then denied, until finally exploding into the air; Biff and his boi upstairs on the bench, lots of action i didnt show; some paddling of a southern visitor; and ending with Bryan with R on one side of the stage and TTB using the other side. Good fun, and erotic pleasures in the back too!

Week of March 27 - We had an even more crowded night this week. Some friends came and Bryan got the action started, mixing it up on the stage, the guys taking turns bottoming, edging, and cumming. A scene from the end of the night, this stud returned for more action as he was tied to the beam, stroked, milked, B and TTB using breath control till he came; Biff shows off some new leather equipment on his boy, and uses it and the boy; Biff using the bondage table, then TTB makes use of it as well; tied to the bench and flogged and f*c*ed; ball punching, fisting, gas mask fun; TTB strings this guy up on stage, then takes a newbie, ties him tight to the table, uses wax and electricity till he shoots a bunch; lots of action in the back as well; over 80 guys, and it was a great night!

Week of March 20 - Our After Black Party Event was awesome. We had lots of guys and some hot scenes. Here are a few. Hot guys, multiple scenes, mixing it up - fun and sexy: some foot action and spanking up on the stage; Nj on the bondage table being milked; Biff and his boy; nice hairy chest; fisting and more...; threesome fun. These are a few of the many of the night, and we aren't showing the more intimate areas. A night to remember!!!!

Week of March 6 - Our Bondage Gras party had lots of guys and we had a great time. This huge cocked guy got strung up on stage and we hung a few things from his dick as he earned his beads; and this hot tattooed hunk got off on a breath control scene; some light flogging before and after; ballcrusher, hogtie, sling; and we end up with our bottom player of the night in his 3rd scene on the bondage table with once again the ballcrusher, wax, breath control, cock comparison to arm :) as then he came again...

Week of Feb 27 - Biff gets his boy tied down and edged using cock rings and stretching his balls till he cums; a Paris boy gets worked over as he enjoys his NYC welcome; our friends move to the stage and put on quite a show, including swinging by his balls; cage fun and fun in the back room, but didnt get those pics!

Week of Feb 13 - Bryan gets a visiting UK dude stretched till he shoots; Biff and his boi on the bondage table; A Master puts a gas mask on his sub and then uses large dildos and his fist while the sub with his legs strung up into the air writhes in pleasure and agony; T works over B, slapping his balls in a couple of places around the club; guys in the cage get worked over; TTB gets into some gut punching and then hands come out and the scene turns into an 8 man group grope (sorry no pics of that action); and the free massage table got lots of use as well.

Week of Feb 6 - TTB got our German friend strung up on the stage, hung him upside down, edged him till he shot a super load(enlarge the last pic of the scene and see how much). M then does a scene with him in the back roon. Some hot table action with breath control - hands and rope - till the stud shot all over himself. Our cages were busy with D and then Master R working over their subs. Master R puts a visiting sub on the bondage table and works him over. Lots more this week, but no more pics. Master Avery had a hot boot worship scene, dark corner action in the back, and much more.

Week of Jan 30 - Our pics start with a hung guy getting tied down to the bondage table, getting a ball crusher attached to his balls, and then getting edged till he shot without being touched. Then round 2 and electricity. The volts surging through his cock and balls till he shot again, and then again, finally getting the clothespins off his nipples, and going upstairs for a relaxing massage. The next series is with Biff, his boy, and a friend. The boy gets wrapped in black stretch police tape from head to toe. The fun begins as the action gets going till the cum spurts out. Biff was busy as he gets ties up a stud and works him over, and then some breath control on the bench. Master R gets his sub in the sling and uses various toys and a cock pump for some ass stuffing action. Our friend from upstate brings in his bottom and works him over all over the club including the cage. What a night!

Week of Jan 23, 2011 - Bryan sets up the spiderweb, and then NYBC presents Spiderman in Bondage!; and a few others use the web as well. Biff finds this hot stud and uses the table; TTB hogtie... Cum on Sundays to see more.

Week of Jan 16, 2011 - Bryan uses the stage for some hot action; Biff in the back; bondage table fun; ....etc.....only a few pics this week, but lots of guys here this week, lots of action in the back room as well.

Week of Jan 9 - We started with RopeNj getting suspended upside down and worked over until he exploded; Biff takes a big cock boy and ties him to the pole; Seems as if lots of HOM this night, that's Hand Over Mouth as TTB calls it, or Breath Control Play; bondage table fun; upstate guys and more on the stage; Biff and boy have some fun.... and much more. Come on Sunday night to experience the action!

2011 Arrives! Week of Jan 2, 2011 - We had our New Year Party this week and over 80 guys showed up. Lots of guys from all over having a great time. TTB got out his Ball Crusher and flattened this hot twinks cock; Bryan and friends use red rubber to hood E and then using Breath Control, tormented him, edging him till....; Not finished, E gets into more action, having his nuts stretched and arms tied behind his back while he is dominated by Biff; some tandem bondage; table bondage; Down under fun... and much more. A very good start to 2011.

Cum to our parties on SUNDAYS and experience the action yourself!

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