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We play every Sunday at Paddles

250 W 26th St-- 7pm - 1am

Save $5 if you enter the club BEFORE 8pm if you give the doorman the code "Early Action"

Here are a few pics from some of the scenes from 2 weeks ago

The night started with a new toy - The Humbler - HipsterDom secures Bndg24's balls in it and he gets tied over the bench, paddled, edged, a dild* goes into his *ss and his cum spurts out the other side as N edges him. New toys are always fun!

Another new toy - The Large Massager - ThaiThatBinds brings his new toy and ties up this college student to the table, and with the help of Brian, they put clothepins on his nips, tie up his c*ck and b*lls, gag him, till the vibrations force him to ..., well you see the results all over his smooth abs and chest

Bryan starts the group action on the stage as the guys use the bench and have their way with this stud

NybcBiff uses a bench and the wall table to torment his boy, tight cbt, slaps, clamps, ....

Rubber Toys - Bndg24 is put into a new rubber sleep sack and rubber mask by a UK visitor dressed in full rubber gear and edged off

ThaiThatBinds gets FriskyPup tied down on the box, clamps his nips, and brings out his electro c*ck rings to edge him till he shoots

J gets this college guy tied to the table on his second visit to the club (after having a blast last week) and stuffs a ball gag in his mouth, a few clothespins on his nips, and uses his vibrating cup toy stroking his c*ck. R goes after his feet for some foot action, and mutiple hands help edge him till....

HipsterDom shows off his rope work, and brings back the 19.2v F*ck Saw and uses it to plow into n until gobs of cum

Bndg24 ties up another newbie to the bench, works a dild* into him, teases him, and then brings HipsteDom into the scene to ream him out with the F*ck Saw


First time topping, as roles are reversed; Cage action by Master Des and his boy

Just a fun pic, the guys all played in different scenes with each other, experimenting, exploring and expanding their limits.

There were lots of other things going on last week, in the back, upstairs, upstairs, on the massage table, in the dark corner, backroom

Bryan had a couple of other scenes but no pics - we only take pics of guys who want to be in the pics, and they didn't, so no pics.

Check our Party Pic Pages to see more of these scenes and others!

Play Hard, Play Safe, Have Fun!




We hope you enjoy the party and look forward to seeing all of you this Sunday

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