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We Play every Sunday at Paddles 250 W 26th St- 7pm - 1am

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Here are a few pics from last week - A little something for everyone

All you have to do is come to the party and get in on the action

Trampling, Slapping, Clothespins, Breath Control and Edging

Tied down to the table, stroked, some oral service, and edged till he cums

Displayed on the bench tied down, arms behind his back, chrest out, and edged

Arms extended and balls stretched downward, this UK first time visitor gets worked over till

In the sling with a gas mask on his head and large and larger things go in

First time tied up, tickled, kissed, stroked, then a silicon sleeve goes over his long cock till, well you can see the cum on the end of his dick

Down on his knees to service, then upstairs for more of the same

Tied on the frame table and forced to service

Balls stretched upward; Shaved down

Standing and tormented, then to the table and fisted

Tied to the bench on the stage the group makes sure they show this UK visitor a NYBC experience that he definitely enjoyed

As you can see there was a variety of bondage, dom/sub action, shaving, edging, fisting and more. And in the back room was the stuff we can't show here. Join us on Sunday to make your own action. Hope you enjoy the party!

Come to our party on Sunday to Experience IT!

Check our Party Pic Pages to see more of these scenes and others!

Play Hard, Play Safe, Have Fun!


We hope you enjoy the party and look forward to seeing all of you this Sunday

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