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We Play Every Sunday at Paddles

250 W 26th St .............. 7pm - 1am

Each week we have new guys mixing with our regulars and guys who have been a few times before. We have lots of equipment set up for you to use, club rope, and more. Bring you own toys or get ours used on you. Get a free massage or get down and frisky in the back. Don't be shy, explore your fantasies and enjoy the club.

Here are a few pics of some of the scenes from last week - Remember we only take pics of guys who want them taken. It is always your choice

It was our Hands On / Ropes On interactive Demo. A bunch of guys gathered around the stage, paired up, and learned how to tie a few knots and hot to start a scene. Manhy of the guys had never tied a knot before. It was fun and got the party started. Watch our emails or our website for future "Learn the Ropes" nights.

Tied to the bench by Bdng24 and HipsterDom, legs lifted upward and tied to a spreader bar, a dildo worked in and out of his ass, and edged until...

Tied to the cross as the single tail whip leaves its marks

A first time twink gets tied to the table as the crowd looked on and then joined in, keeping him on edge as at least 6 guys stroked him, put clothespins on his nips, and finally jacked him till he exploded all over his stomach and chest.

Blindfolded, stretched out, suspended, pulled by his balls, and...

Stud gets tied to the table and worked over as his balls get pummeled, whacked, stretched, and more

Master Ron takes this first time visiting sub and puts a parachute harness on his balls and hangs a boot, slides a hook up his ass, paddles him, then secures him in the sling as he works him over, edging him till....

Bryan starts the scene by blindfolding a first time visitor in a jock and is joined by ThaiThatBinds as they put clothespins on his chest and nips and stroke and edge him

Here are a few pics from a few weeks ago

A dual scene with one standing and one sitting across from him as the guys work over both

Flogging from two tops

Tied down on the inclined bench - 0nly got a few pics but a nice scene

Tied up and played with by th group till he spurts his load

Clamped nips and stroked on the table

Tied down on the box, lifted up, and hanging upside down till Bryan makes him shoot

Master Ron clamps his sub's balls and edges him

A visiting Master from Chicago and a couple of other guys get into some foot play, nip play, and edge play with this stud bottom

Edged and then servicing till they both shoot

Smooth boy tied on the frame table

Just a little fun - Can you tell Bryan just came back from Hawaii?

Come to our party on Sunday to Experience IT!

Check our Party Pic Pages to see more of these scenes and others!

Play Hard, Play Safe, Have Fun!


Students enter for $10 this week
We hope you enjoy the party and look forward to seeing all of you this Sunday

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