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Please complete this application if you wish to become a member of our club. Members get discounted entry. You are not required to become a member to attend the parties and may enter as a guest if you prefer.

Just Print the App and bring it with you, or you can get it at the door at the party.


NYBC 2019 Membership

This membership is good until Dec 31, 2019. The cost of this membership is $50 but is prorated depending on when you buy the membership.

FREE Entry on Dec 16 if you buy this Sunday


2019 Student Membership  

Students over 18, (or 21 where required by law) with current school ID get a 2019 Student membership for $10. Show your current valid ID at the door.

FREE Entry on Dec 16 if you buy this Sunday


You will receive a stamp each time you pay and enter the club. When you have 10 stamps on your card, the next time you come to the club, you will enter for FREE. The stamps don't expire, and they are transferable when you renew your card!

Membership Benefits:
Discount on entry!
10% Discount if you shop at The Leatherman on Christopher Street!

I am over 18 years old(or 21 where required by law).  I do not object to nudity. 
It is legal for me to join an adult bondage s/m club in the location in which I reside. 
I am not a law enforcement officer nor am I representing any public or private organization .

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Most correspondence will be now be sent by email. On occasion we may send postal mail.

If you want postal mail, complete the following, otherwise leave blank.



We never release your name or address to any other organization. It is confidential!

By my signature below I certify that I am over 18 years of age, that I have read the rules for membership and
certify that I am able to join, and that I will not hold NYBC, New York Bondage Club, Inc., their officers,
or assigns, liable or responsible for the consequences of any meeting that I may attend or arrange.

Date: SIGNATURE: Code _______

Please print your name in the signature box, and then sign after you print the form.


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